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WinStuff quickies

UpdatesCompetitions that don’t make it to the home page of WinStuff will be posted here. The prizes in these competitions are generally, but not necessarily of less value or may be a little more difficult to enter than simply filling out a form online. We will also post all the retail SMS competitions we find on this page so that next time you’re doing shopping, you know what to look out for. We’ll update this page daily so be sure to check in every now and then to see what’s new. Happy winning! :)


Online competitions

  • *Update:When we started the ‘Quickies’ page we thought it would be a great way to bring you even more competitions to enter without intruding on the bigger and better competitions in our main section. However, the listings on this page never really got the attention they deserved and for that reason, we’ve decided to close it down. We’ll make sure that when we do find something worth your while, we’ll still share it with you and if you’re subscribed, you won’t miss out.

    While we continuously try to improve our offering, this was just one of those ideas that didn’t work out.

    Have a look at our home page for all the latest and greatest online competitions.