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WinStuff Competitions questions and answers

We thought we’d take some time to look at some of the questions we received from our subscribers over the past couple of years and hopefully clear up any confusion or doubts that still remain about WinStuff, and the competitions we list. Before we get down to the questions, we would like to first explain where we come from, why we do what we do and some insight into our business model. Our aim with this is to be as transparent as possible so that our subscribers feel comfortable coming back to WinStuff. After all, entering competitions should be fun :)

WinStuff started around five years ago when we noticed the huge amount of competitions online. After doing some extensive searching it became clear that there were some big prizes up for grabs, but that hardly anyone knew about them since the pages they were on were difficult to find. I wanted to share this discovery and hence WinStuff Competitions was born. We’ve come a long way since then and what started out as an afternoon hobby, is now the most popular competitions website in South Africa.

Many people ask us what’s in it for us. Expecting that there may be something going on which we’re not open about, a catch as you call it. After all, how is it possible that there is so much stuff being given away, and how if we simply share these competitions with our users do we make any money to keep WinStuff going. To address the first point. Competitions are a form of marketing and some of the companies that offer the competitions we list have fairly big marketing budgets which they use to cover the cost of the prizes. In many cases this is a fraction of their marketing costs and what seems almost unbelievable to us, barely makes a dent in their budgets. As for the role we play, we simply market these competitions on to our visitors and in some cases offer premium listings in which we feature a companies’ competition. We’ve built up a big following online and when companies wants to get more market exposure for a competition, they will take out a premium listing with us.

Now for some of the questions we’ve received in the past.

You listed a competition of ours. Who gives you the right?

Firstly, the Internet is an open platform. It’s about the sharing of information. When one website finds relevant information about a topic they’re discussing on another website, they will link to it. This is a good thing. In our case, when we find a competition that is open to the public, we link to it. After all, if it was posted online one would assume that it was meant to be shared in the first place. Most of the website owners whose website we linked to are thrilled with the increase in traffic to their websites. We understand that not everyone feels this way so should anyone request to have their competition removed, we will take it down immediately.

What’s the point of having a competition winners page if it’s not updated regularly?

The winners page on WinStuff is purely to list the winners of WinStuff competitions. As you know by now, 99% of the competitions we list are by third parties. We will from time to time offer our own competitions to market our website and for these the winners will be listed on our winners’ page. As we’ve explained before, the task of keeping track of the winners for each of the competitions we list is simply too time consuming. This is however the most requested feature and we will always keep it in mind and look at ways of making this possible.

Do you sell your subscriber base email addresses to third parties?

Absolutely not. Never have, never will. Our subscriber base is simply for our own marketing purposes, and it will remain that way. We’re busy setting up our Privacy Policy to make our stance on this very clear.

Why do I receive your newsletter, I never subscribed?

The only way this is possible is if someone subscribed using your email address. In the past all a user had to do to subscribe was to enter their email address in the subscription box and they would be subscribed. We’ve now implemented a double opt-in system so this is not possible anymore. If a user subscribes they will first need to confirm by clicking a validation link in an email that will be sent to them before they get added to the list.

These are the most common questions we receive, but we invite you to send us your feedback or questions you may have and we will address them here. We will always strive to keep our visitors’ best interest at heart and if you believe that we have deviated from this approach, please be sure to let us know immediately. We thank all of you for your continued support. Have a ‘winning’ weekend :)

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