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Win R10k if you’re nominated as Besto Bisto Mom

BistoFor some of us the name Bisto is as familiar in the kitchen as Tip-ex or Prestick is in the office. No matter who you are, you’ve most probably had Bisto sauce in the past. Whether you had it as a child growing up, or you still make sure you always have stock of a packet of Bisto, it’s formed part of many people’s lives. Bisto is now offering one very lucky mom the chance of winning R10 000 by being nominated as Besto Bisto Mom. She’s the one that’s at home in the kitchen, the one that can cook up a storm and the one people talk about when they talk about great family meals they’ve had. It could be someone you know, or it could be you! To enter go and nominate now.


Closing date: 31 January | Type: Registration
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