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Win a Van Dyck Shaggy Exclusive carpet

Van Dyck Shaggy Exclusive carpetThere’s nothing like a soft and shaggy carpet to make a room feel all cozy and luxurious. They feel great to walk on and are soft enough to grab a pillow and just lie down on in front of the fire. Kids and pets love them too so they not only need to look and feel great, they need to be extra durable to take the punishment that will get thrown at them. Van Dyck’s carpets offer exceptional quality and style and are eco-friendly too, something we better start paying attention too when we go shopping. If you would like to be the owner of a brand new Van Dyck Shaggy Exclusive carpet worth R3,000, this is your chance. SA Home Owner is giving away two of these beautiful carpets, for free.

Closing date: TBA | Type: Free

One Response to Win a Van Dyck Shaggy Exclusive carpet

  1. genali steenkamp July 14, 2014 at 12:29 pm #

    My carpet was bought from a pawn shop. This carpet would be fantastic.

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