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Win a Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter worth R20 000


Trellidor Rollerstyle shutterYour most vulnerable time at home is at night when you’re asleep. Just the thought of an intruder getting access to your home and you and your family’s bedrooms is enough to make one want to set up a night watch. That may be a little paranoid, but when it comes to the safety of your family a little paranoia can be healthy. Not all homes were built with this in mind but the best solution to making sure your family is safe while sleeping is to have a safe area in your home. If you have a single doorway leading to all the rooms in your home, putting up a security gate here will make your rooms your ‘safe area’. The Treillodor Rollerstyle shutter is the perfect choice, and now you can own one for free.


Closing date: 31 March | Type: Free
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