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Win a Staub Cocotte worth R3 910


Staub CocotteDo you remember the days when we used to boil our veggies to a pulp, pouring out all those amazing juices? Luckily we know better today and steaming is obviously the way to go. If you’ve already got some food cooking on the stove, that steam is more than enough to cook your veggies perfectly and that is where this Staub New Classic Cast Iron Round Cocotte with Steamer insert comes into its own. We already know the benefits of a cast iron pot, but this one is so much more. Besides retaining distributing heat evenly, this Staub Cocotte features a lid design to evenly drip moisture back over the food, the lid keeps in 9 times more moisture, and it comes with a steamer insert.


Closing date: 27 May | Type: Free
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