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Win a Skil Masters 4960 reciprocating saw

Skil Masters 4960 reciprocating saw

Is your garden so overgrown that you dare not enter it without a GPS? Or maybe you try to keep things tidy but it constantly needs attention and you just can’t get ahead with your cutting, pruning and tree trimming. Whatever the case may be, this is just the tool you need. No more struggling with blunt saws, dysfunctional clippers or working up a sweat. With the Skil Masters 4960 reciprocating saw, including a canvas carry bag, hexagon key and saw blade, you’ll get through your trimming chores quicker than Edward Scissorhands could dream of. So go on, enter for your chance to win and soon you could be on your way to reclaim your piece of land.


Closing date: 28 February | Type: Free entry
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