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Win a pair of Hi-Tec Arkansas W ladies’ hiking boots

Hi-Tec Arkansas W ladies’ hiking bootsDon’t let the winter keep you indoors this year. Rather strap on a pair of hiking boots and go and face the elements outdoors. You’ll get some good exercise and you’ll feel great after spending some time in nature away from the daily grind. When going hiking, make sure you go prepared. If you’re hiking on a cold winters day and rain is expected, it’s essential that you layer up ending with a good waterproof jacket that is both water and wind proof, and breathable. Wear thick hiking socks and finally, strap on a good pair of hiking boots, like this pair of Hi-Tec ladies’ hiking boots. If this sounds like fun and all you need is a pair of boots, this is your chance to get a new pair, free.


Closing date: 28 May | Type: Free
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