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Win a BlackBerry Q5 smartphone

Win a Blackberry Q5 smartphoneIf you’re 30 or older, you can appreciate just how amazing mobile phones are today. If someone told you 15 years ago that one day our phones won’t be connected via land lines, that we’ll be able to call anyone, anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world, that we’ll be able to access a database of information so vast you’ll never be able to even scrape the surface, right from this device, that you’ll carry your music around on it, take photos with it and pinpoint your exact location with maps that track you as you move, you may have been a bit skeptical. It would have sounded a bit too sci-fi to believe. But, here we are, and don’t you just love it? Anyway, here’s your chance to win a Blackberry Q5.

Closing date: 13 September | Type: Free
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