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When things go pear shaped

A while ago we mentioned that we’ll soon be offering selected products and services to our readers and as an incentive, include those that take up the offer in a prize draw. On the other hand WinStuff would in return for referring new customers to our partners, receive a commission for those referrals. This incentive based form of marketing is something we still believe in, and we will pursue it moving forward, but first we have to apologise for the blunder which was our first attempt at this.

Before we explain we’d like to ensure you that when we do decide to run a campaign in future we will make sure that the partners we sign up will deliver on their promise, both in the services they offer to our subscribers and in their agreement with WinStuff. Unfortunately in our first attempt at this we failed at doing this and we ended up having to withdraw the competition.

We offered our subscribers the chance to win R5000 for signing up to a free trial with Audible. Although we only ever received one valid entry, we noticed through our own testing that we were not being assigned the commission for people signing up for the trial through WinStuff and since no commission was being earned, we could no longer offer up the cash prize. Over the course of a week we discussed this with the technical support team from Audible but they could not establish why we weren’t being assigned commission and before any more entries were received, we terminated the offer. (We will be happy to provide evidence of of our correspondence upon request) Fortunately those that signed up did so free of charge and suffered no loss from this but should there have been a cost involved for signing up for our offering, we would have refunded all those who did fully. In this case however, we simply had to cancell the prize draw.

In future, we’ll be much more careful when signing up new partners for these competitions. Testing would be done more thoroughly to ensure the smooth running of the campaign and in future once we’ve put up a prize that prize will be awarded no matter what the outcome of the campaign.

We hope that this has cleared things up but please contact us should you have any questions.

Best regards,
Justin Coetzee

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