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We messed up a little

Yesterday we shared a competition with you which turned out to have long since closed. We’re a little embarrassed about this error, and we would like to explain how this happened. The competitions we search for and share with you go through a lot of scrutiny before we post them on WinStuff.

We want to make sure that the prizes are real, that the competitions are open to all South Africans, that they don’t exploit our visitors and finally that they’re legal. Besides those factors we also have to make sure that when we find them, they are still open for entry. Believe it or not, this is not always an easy task. Some competitions will pass all our validation steps with one exception, we can’t find the closing date on the competition page. When this happens we share them in the meantime while we try our best to get those details to share with you, as was the case with our competition from yesterday.

The competition we posted was a Bic competition in which you stood a chance of winning a R100 000 holiday. When we tried to view the terms and conditions of the competition where you would normally find the closing date, there was an error on the page. Since the entry page was still active, we saw this as an indication¬†that it is still open for entry and we decided to go ahead and post it. As it turns out, this competition had closed in August already, and has caused a few red faces around here. We’d like to apologise for getting everyone excited about the competition, and we’ll do our best in future not to let it happen again. We’d also like to thank those that got in touch and kindly notified us of this error, we really appreciate your input.

While we have you here we would also like to tell you about a change we made to our listings. You may have noticed that we changed the design of our site a while ago. When we did this we also got rid of the some of the information we provided for each listing, specifically the ‘competition type’ that was shown below each competition. We did this to clean things up a little but as it turned out, you found this useful and we’ve decided to return it to the site as per the¬†example below.

Closing date: | Competition type:

As always we welcome your feedback and if you think there is anything else we can share in these info boxes, please get in touch.

Once again, thanks for your support.

Happy holidays.

The WinStuff Team.

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