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Visitor feedback

WinStuff has brought you online competitions for a good few years now and one of the little things that keep us going is to know that our visitor’s absolutely love our service. It really makes it worth our while when we read all the positive feedback we receive via email and on our Facebook page, and we’d like to share some of that with you.

Here are some of the comments posted to the WinStuff facebook page.

  • Coby Naude – New to winStuff and already I’m hooked! Can’t wait to get to WinStuff site!!
  • Yahia Ouansa – winstuff you are awesome!! :D
  • Tumelo Zane – WINSTUFF ROCKS
  • Hanlie Ebersohn – I love Win Stuff!!. Always number 1 with the goodies.
  • Monique Boucher – I love this page!! It rocks my socks!!
  • Lika Becker – Gotta luv WinStuff!! Thanks for a great site!
  • Angela Van Zyl – This would be so cool. Tks Winstuff for the awesome prizes.
  • Nicole Nixi Ward – Been entering cool comps all morning… So glad i found this site. *thumbs up* guys!
  • Basil Schoeman – this is such a great site,want to win something on winstuff
  • Mabel D’Alton – This is such a great site. Thanks for bringing the competitions all under one name
  • Chantell Ryksen – Awesome site now I can enter competitions from one place cool thanks

Thanks to all of you who have sent us your comments, you are awesome too!

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  1. Prudence T February 15, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

    As a competition addict, its easier to access competitions at a center site

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