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Types of competitions on WinStuff

Competitions come in all forms. Some require registration, some are free and some are SMS competitions. We would like to explain the differences and how you can tell which are which before you go and enter the competition. When we list a competition on WinStuff, we also indicate the type of competition it is just below the competition description. We generally use the following three types of descriptions.

  • Free – Free competitions that are open to all South African residents. Be aware that when a competitions is listed as ‘free’, there may also be the option to enter via SMS, but that there will be a form for free entry, normally at the bottom of the page.
  • Registration – In these competitions you would need to register as a new user on the website hosting the competition. Registration is still free but you need to be a member to enter. Generally when you register on a new site you will also give them the right to email you promotional content so if you do not wish to receive any more email be sure to check the terms of the website.
  • SMS – SMS competitions are just that. They require you to send an SMS to be entered into the draw. Some charge standard network rates but some are much more expensive so make sure you check the SMS cost before you enter.

We’ve been asked to only list free competitions in the past but we feel that the majority of our visitors would also like to know about the online competitions that are still free, but require registration. This is why we indicate the type of competition it is and it us up to the user to decide if they would like to enter or not. If you think we should divide these categories up even further, be sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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    who won the volvo

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