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Win shopping vouchers – The next best thing to cold hard cash are vouchers. We’ve got competitions in which you can win clothing vouchers, shopping vouchers, food vouchers and every other voucher you can think of. So if you’re looking to go for some retail therapy, remember to start here.

Competitions | Vouchers

Win a R1,500 PnP Voucher!

WinStuff- PnP

The holidays are on the way, and we all know what an expensive time it can be. Stock up on your holiday essentials with a R1,500 PnP voucher, play now to win!





Closing date: 22 November 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win the R5,000 Cash Prize!


As the end of the year draws closer, some extra cash becomes more and more needed. How does an extra R5,000 sound? Pretty good? So go on then, play for it, win it!





Closing date: 20 November 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a R2,000 Swimwear Voucher!

Swimming Voucher

Dreaming about the Summer vacay? Get beach ready with a R2,000 voucher to spend on the latest, stylish swimwear…play now to win!





Closing date: 4 December 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a Trampoline Worth R2,000!

WinStuff- Trampoline

Make your kids (or your) dream come true by winning a trampoline worth R2,000. Get those entries in now to stand a chance of winning this super cool prize!





Closing date: 26 November 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a Luggage Set Worth R1,000!

WinStuff - Luggage

Take on the Summer 2018 holidays with a brand new set of luggage that won’t let you down with popping zips and bursting seams! Play now to win…





Closing date: 15 November 2018 | Type: Sign Up

R1,000 H&M Voucher!

WinStuff- H&M

R1,000 H&M Voucher Those end-of-year bashes are just around the corner, and it’s time to look your best. Win a R1,000 H&M voucher to spend on an outfit that makes you feel like you lived your best life in 2018!





Closing date: 8 November 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win R500 at McDonalds!

WinStuff - McD_s

After a long day who has energy to cook right? All you can think of is a fast food that tastes amazing and fills the gap! Get your hands on R500 worth of MacDonalds and make your dinner plans and easy one





Closing date: 25 October 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a Laptop worth 5k!

WinStuff - Laptop

Its that time of year when everything is becoming crazy busy with only 5 months left, trying to get everything done before the end of the year! What better way to get organised and speed things up with a brand new laptop worth R5000!





Closing date: 22 October 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Bluetooth speaker worth R1.5k!

WinStuff - Bluetooth Speaker

Be the cool kid on the block with a stylish, wireless, bluetooth speaker worth R1500. Play now and never miss a beat again





Closing date: 18 October 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Airpods worth R500!

WinStuff - Airpods

How nice that in todays day and age technology has turned it up a notch? Be completely hands free and completely cable free! Play now for these wireless bluetooth airpods that will make your life a whole lot easier!





Closing date: 12 October 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win R2,000 Petrol for a holiday road trip!

WinStuff - Petrol

It’s already time to start thinking about those dreamy Summer holidays we’ve been waiting for…Win R2,000 worth of petrol to full your tank for the road trips ahead!





Closing date: 4 October 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win an iPhone Worth R12,000!

WinStuff - iPhone

There’s something about having the latest iPhone that makes you feel that much more on top of life. We’re giving away a brand new iPhone, just in time for those holiday selfies ;) Play now!





Closing date: 6 November 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a 1.5k Woolies Voucher!

WinStuff - Woolies

Want to shop at Woolies and not have to pay?
That sounds great doesn’t it?
Make that a reality and play for this 1.5k Woolies voucher now!





Closing date: 02 October 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a New Wardrobe!


New wardrobe for the win. We’ve got 10 MRP fashion vouchers worth R1000 each waiting to be snapped up.





Closing date: 13 September 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a Weber Worth R3000!

WinStuff - Weber

Braaing in South Africa has become the norm :) Play now to stand a chance of winning a Weber to the value of R3000 and celebrate Braai Day this year in style!





Closing date: 21 September 2018 | Type: Sign Up