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Fashion and beauty competitions – Check out the latest trends and stand a chance of winning some great fashion hampers, jewelry, fragrance and designer labels. Pretty much all those items that will normally break the bank, but only free. So get your entries in and get ready for the all new you.

Competitions | Fashion & Beauty

Win a pair of men’s Levi’s boots

Win bootsWhether you need some boots to walk the walk, strut your stuff or take a hike, you’d be walking out on a big opportunity if you don’t enter this competition to win a pair of men’s Levi’s boots. For men from every walk of life, you’ll be walking tall if you’ve got these strapped to your feet. You can’t walk away from this one! Just imagine you win, you’d be walking on air. We really couldn’t help but walk straight into this one.


Win a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Win sunglassesIf you’re down in Cape Town, you won’t be needing these for a while. We won’t let the opportunity to win a sexy pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers pass you by though. Another online shop, SmartBuyGlasse, is giving away a pair of these trusted shades. If you haven’t clicked on enter by now you’re probably wondering how you get around trying on the sunglasses when shopping online. SmartBuyGlasse offers a clever 3D Try On function so you can be sure you’ve got the right pair.


Win Froggie wedge boots

Win bootsYou’re feet doesn’t need to suffer for the sake of looking good. If your feet are cold and aching because of that little-too-small-but-looks-great pair of shoes, rather get your entry in for this competition in which you can win one of five pairs of Froggie wedge boots worth R1,200 a pair. These boots are warm and comfortable, while being stylish and tough.


Win a pair of Levi’s sunglasses

Win sunglassesKeeping the sun out of your eyes will be real fashionable if you’re one of the winners in this Woman’s Health competition. They’re giving away 10 pairs of these stylish Levi’s sunglasses which not only looks good, but offers the necessary protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Their styles range from aviators to lightweight wayfarers so you’re sure to find a pair that likes your face. Go and enter now for a chance to win.


Win a Solitaire one-carat diamond ring

Win a diamon ringSome days we still get blown away by the competitions we find, and today is one of those days. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but we bet that a guy giving a girl a diamond ring ranks pretty high too. Guys, are you getting the hint? Cosmo and Sterns are giving away a Solitaire One-Carat Diamond Ring worth a whopping R50,000 to one very lucky reader, so our advice would be to better start reading soon! Hit enter for your chance to win.


Win Men’s CK Recess watches

Win a watchThe one thing that expresses style like nothing else is a stylish watch on your wrist. And we’re not talking about those watches that look like mini computers on your arm and that can measure everything from your heart rate to water temperature to your altitude above sea level. We’re talking about a sleek, professional gentleman’s watch. Men’s Health is giving away four CK Recess watches valued at R2,800 each so if you would like to sport one of these luxury timepieces, go and enter now, time’s a waistin’.


Win a pair of True Relegion jeans

Win True Religion JeansThere’s just something about a pair of jeans that set them apart from all other pants. The normal rules of fashion simply don’t apply when its a pair of blue jeans, and they just seem to work with just about everything you pair them with. Woman’s Health is giving two lucky readers a chance to win a pair of True Religion jeans which as you know by now is the Rolls Royce of ladies jeans and at R5,400 a pair not only in style, but in price too. If you would like to slip into a pair, go and enter now.


Win a R1,500 Roxy clothing hamper

Win a clothing hamperWhen it comes to getting the whole family dressed properly for winter, a bit of help can go a long way. And if you’re always putting others before you, your winter wardrobe could most probably do with a few items just for you. If you’re not quite ready for the cold and could do with a new coat and a hoody, this is your chance to gear up with a R1500 Roxy hamper by Cosmopolitan.


Win a Status Moda Fashion Hamper worth R3200

Fashion competitionsCompetitions with a winter theme are all over the place. With prizes ranging from clothing hampers to heaters, we’re hoping to make the chilly season just a little more comfortable. In this Marie Claire competition 10 people stand a chance of winning a Status Moda Fashion Hamper worth R3200, which should be just enough to get those warm items to fight off the cold, and to look good this winter.