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Win a TV and other amazing gadgets – Some of the best competitions we find are those in which you can win cutting edge electronics like smartphones, tablets, computers, HD TVs and digital cameras. If you’re in need of some new high tech gadgets, our electronic competitions page is where you will find it all. If you like what you see, please show your support by clicking the red +1 button on the top right hand side of the page.

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Win a Nokia Lumia 710 Windows smartphone

Win a smartphoneWe’ve had easier days when it comes to finding awesome online competitions for you to enter. Maybe its something to do with the cold. Whatever the reason for the lack of competitions may be, we still won’t let you down and we’ve found two very worthy give-aways for you to enter. First up today, how would you like to win a new Nokia Lumia 710 Windows smartphone? It’s smart, its sleek, it could be yours. Go and enter on QC now.


Win a Vodafone Smart Tab

Win a tabletTablet PCs are taking the market by storm with many people now opting to buy a tablet instead of a laptop. It makes sense. They’re extremely easy to use, easy to carry around and easy to share media on. To watch movies, browse through your pictures, surf the web, send and receive email and listen to music is so much more enjoyable on a tablet. Now Vodafone has also come to the party with their Vodafone Smart Tab, a 7″ and 10″ series 3G tablet running Android. We think it looks great. Want one?


Win a Canon EOS 60D digital SLR camera

Digital camera competitionsThere’s been a few competitions this year in which you could win a camera, but none as cool as this one. For those that are a little more serious about their photography, or those that would like to move on from their old point and shoot, the competition from Men’s Health could help you on your way. They’re giving away a brand new Canon EOS 60D digital SLR camera valued at R12,999. Featuring a 18 Megapixel sensor, 5.3 fps shooting, in-camera editing and a Vari-angle LCD, this camera is perfect for the advanced amateur.

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Win a TEK 42” Plasma TV

Win a Plasma TVYou know those beautiful high-definition, crisp, colourful and clear images you keep on hearing about? If you’re TV is still the size of a small washing machine and weighs about as much as a small car, you’re most probably not getting any of that action. For whatever reason you’re hanging on to the old telly, you could win yourself a brand new TEK 42” Plasma TV which is sure to put the entertainment back in your living room.


Win a Sony Playstation 3 gaming console

Win a playstationIf you’ve secretly started convincing yourself that a gaming console is so much more than just something to play games on, then you should probably get one. While you may play a few games just to test it out, its also a Blu-Ray player and much, much more… Maybe you should get one after all and here’s your chance to win a Playstation 3 from Dibsit. Register and use your 10 free credits on Dibsit.co.za to get an entry. You’ll be glad you visited one of the most additive South African sites.


Win a Sony PlayStation Vita handheld gaming console

Gaming competitionsWhen there are competitions in which you can win gaming accessories, we’re never really sure if we should target the 30-year-old kids-at-heart dads or the moms with the 10-year-old kids. whichever one you are, take a look at this competition in which you can win a PlayStation Vita, Sony’s new handheld gaming console. With a OLED screen, touch control and dual analog sticks it’s sure to keep ‘the boys’ occupied for hours.


Win an Apple iPad with 3G

Win an iPadStand a chance to win an Apple iPad with 3G, seminar DVDs, live seminars and business books. 2012 is the year to improve customer service, management and communication skills in your professional life. Dynamic Seminars is running a 3-month competition where 36 people can win one of 36 prizes every month. Let Dynamic Seminars enhance your business potential to the maximum.


Win an Acer Ultrabook laptop

Win a laptopIf you need a powerful notebook, but also need it to be mobile, lightweight and have a small form factor, the Acer Ultrabook could be exactly what you’re looking for. The Ultrabook, worth R10,000, features the Intel Core i5 processor, 4 Gig of memory, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, webcam, HDMI output, a card reader and weighs in at only 1.33kg. For your chance to win this super laptop, go and enter now.


Win a Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone

Smartphone competitionsIf you don’t own a Smartphone yet, you’re most probably considering one when your next upgrade comes around. For three lucky readers however, that wait will be shorter than they expected. Vodacom is giving away three new Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphones in one of their new competitions so if you want one of these new sleek and powerful phones, you better go and get your entries in.


Win an Amazon Kindle with WiFi & 3G

Win a KindleHow many hours have you wasted paging through old waiting room magazines which you have no interest in? And how much did you actually gain reading the in-flight magazine on your last flight? Stop wasting your time when you have to pass the time, and start reading all those books you’ve always wanted to read. With the Amazon Kindle, you can do just that. All your books on one convenient e-reader to enjoy when the moment presents itself. Now you can own one too if you win in this competition so if you’re a keen reader, enter now.


Win the new Apple iPhone 5

Win an Apple iPhone 5Apple has recently launched its latest version of the popular iPhone, and its a big hit. Selling more than 5 million phones in the first three days, this is the must have tech gadget of the year. DoStuff.co.za is giving away this amazing phone to one lucky reader, and to enter is easy. To stand a chance of winning all you need to do is log on to DoStuff.co.za, click on ‘Add listing’ and then add your favourite place to go to, restaurant, activity or entertainment venue in South Africa to the directory.

Win a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone

Win a smartphone

Smartphones are now becoming more and more widespread and every cellphone company wants a piece of the action. The Galaxy Note is Samsung’s latest offering in the Smartphone market. Since all we know about it is what we saw in the very short TV advertisement, we can’t tell you if it’s any good though. So it’s up to you, do you want one or don’t you? If you can see yourself pocketing a new Note, you know what to do.


Win an iPad mini with Wowzit

iPad miniExperience the best of your city, for less, with Wowzit coupons. Registered Wowzit users will get access to amazing discount coupons that will give you access to exclusive discounts and giveaways offered by their featured merchants. Register and download your ‘Buy One Get One Free Meal’ coupon or receive 50% off a rejuvenating beauty treatment coupon today. If you register and also refer three of your friends, you stand a chance to win the new amazing iPad Mini 16 GB which by now needs no introduction. Score the saving you want with Wowzit and just maybe you can walk away with a new shiny iPad mini. Good luck!


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Win a Nintendo 3DS plus a game

Win a 3DS consoleIf you’ve browsed through the electronics stores you’ve most probably picked up and played with a Nintentdo 3Ds before. And if you have kids, they most probably desperately want one. You don’t need to be a kid to own one though. These consoles are pretty awesome. The revolutionary 3D technology built into the 3DS brings you 3D images without the need of special glasses. The 3DS also feature a gyro and accelerometer which enables control with movement.


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