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R1000 WinStuff cash winner for October 2011

Competitions come and go, but our cash competition is here to stay. Every second month we offer you the chance of winning R1000 in cash, just for being a fan of our Facebook page. Well, it’s that time again and we’ve chosen our latest winner from our list of WinStuff friends.

Congratulations to Lucky’s Biyela! It’s surely your lucky day today! We’ve sent you a message on Facebook and you need to get back to us within 72 hours or we need to select a new winner. Those that did not win, hang in there! As long as you’re a fan of our page, you stand a chance of winning in the next round.

If you don’t ‘Like’ us already, go to our Facebook page here and click on ‘Like’ Check back soon for today’s new competitions.

Free access to online competitions

Online competitions are plentiful and in most cases they are free to enter and don’t require registration of any sort. We make entering these competitions even easier by bringing them all together in one place, and providing you with one click access to those competitions without requiring registration first.

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Types of competitions on WinStuff

Competitions come in all forms. Some require registration, some are free and some are SMS competitions. We would like to explain the differences and how you can tell which are which before you go and enter the competition. When we list a competition on WinStuff, we also indicate the type of competition it is just below the competition description. We generally use the following three types of descriptions.

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To list only online competitions, or to list them all

Online competitions is what we’re about and we believe if we find a competition which can’t be entered online, it doesn’t really belong on WinStuff. We have seen a few other competitions sites that do however list any competition they can find, whether it be online or off. Some require a purchase and some are free, but they cannot be entered online. We know about these competitions but only choose not to list them.

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Changes to WinStuff Competitions

We’ve made some changes to the way our website works over the past couple of days, and we would like to explain what has changed and why. We usually provided links to the competitions right on our homepage so that a user could easily find a competition they would like to enter and click on through the competition’s landing page. This was ideal from a visitor’s point of view, but not in the world of search engine rankings.

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Competitions winners get in touch

We often get asked who the winners are of the competitions we list, and as we’ve explained before, we don’t always know. See this post for more info. So we thought we’d ask the competitions winners to please let us know when they have won so that we can get some of their stories, and find out more about what they’ve won.

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You want competitions? We’ve got competitions!

As you know by now, WinStuff is the go-to-place for online competitions. We don’t simply claim to be the most up to date competitions website in South Africa, we are. We’ve been around for a while now and we don’t simply copy ideas and competitions from the WinStuff clones, we create ideas, and they copy us. We wanted to reassure you that you don’t need to go looking any further if your looking for competitions. We list all the worth your while competitions that is open to South Africa. If we didn’t list it, we probably didn’t think it’s worth sharing.

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WinStuff Competitions questions and answers

We thought we’d take some time to look at some of the questions we received from our subscribers over the past couple of years and hopefully clear up any confusion or doubts that still remain about WinStuff, and the competitions we list. Before we get down to the questions, we would like to first explain where we come from, why we do what we do and some insight into our business model. Our aim with this is to be as transparent as possible so that our subscribers feel comfortable coming back to WinStuff. After all, entering competitions should be fun :)

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Competitions galore

Competitions showed up all over the place during the past week, and it’s been keeping us real busy here at WinStuff because when we say “All the competitions, all the time” we mean it! Another thing that showed up is a lot of WinStuff ‘clones’, which we welcome. It helps us improve on our offering and at the end of the day to bring you the most comprehensive competitions portal in South Africa. Continue Reading →

Competitions and Winners on WinStuff.co.za

We’re serious competitions junkies, we have to admit. There’s nothing we enjoy more than finding a great competition to share with our readers. Another thing we’re serious about is finding competitions that are open to all South Africans and that are completely legitimate. We only list competitions that we believe to be legal, fair and open to all. We won’t have it any other way.

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