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Win a car – Car competitions are without doubt the best type of online competitions there are and we’re pretty sure that when there’s a chance for you to win a car, you would like to know about it. We find you all the competitions in which you can win a car, bike and pretty much everything else on wheels. Just imagine how awesome it would be to being handed the set of keys to a brand new car you just won! Exciting stuff! For your chance to win a car, have a look at the competitions on the left and go and get your entries in.

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Win a car worth R200 000

Car competitionsCar competitions are few and far apart so when they do happen we get real excited to get the word out. Homechoice this month will be giving away a brand new car to the value of R200 000, and unlike many other competitions where you’re stuck with the exact prize on offer, you can decide to rather take the cash if you’re so inclined. So whether it’s a new set of wheels you’re after or a whopping R200 000 in clean hard cash to spend as you please, this is one competition you just have to enter.


Win a set of four Rancho shocks worth R8 000

Win shocksShock aren’t exactly the most fun thing to talk about, but these parts are vital to the safety of your car and they should be checked at least 40,000. Consider this next time you’re buying a used car. The first owner will probably sell the car with the factory fitted pair of shocks and the dealerships will most likely not change the shocks before they sell the car. So now you’re driving around in a car which may have a full service history, but the shocks are so worn that handling has dramatically decreased. Can’t afford new shocks right now? Then go and try win these!


Win a Honda Vision Scooter

Win a scooterWe’ve had some great competitions this week, and we’ve found the perfect competition to round it off with. How would you like to be the proud new owner of a Honda Vision Scooter? The Vision features a 108cc fuel-injected, four-stroke engine which is more than enough for your commute to work, university or for a quick sprint to the shops. It’s fuel efficient too and with premium braking, it’s safe too. To enter you need to test drive one, but that’s not too much to ask for such an awesome prize.


Win a Revival E5 scooter

Win a bikeWe’ve found some great competitions for you this week, and to top it all off, check out this Popular Mechanics competition in which you stand a chance of winning a cool Revival E5 scooter worth R9950. So if you’re in need of a new set of wheels that will get you from A to B on a few drops of fuel, and with a lot more fun, go and enter for your chance to ride this baby home.


Win a Kia Picanto

Win a carIt was panic stations at WinStuff today. We just couldn’t find any noteworthy competitions for you guys to enter, and that’s just not cool with us. But, we persevered and we’ve found something we think you may just be excited about. But please, go easy on us, this will take a little effort from your side. Not much though, and it could be well worth it if you win. So, if you would like to stand the chance of winning a brand new car, the Kia Picanto, click on enter and go and find out how.


Win an Audi A1

Win a carYes, you heard right, this is the stuff dreams are made of! Imagine waking up one morning and receiving a phone call to let you know that you just won a brand new car, and not any old car, an Audi A1. Can you even begin to imagine just how awesome that would be? And for someone, this dream will come true this year. Make sure your name is on the list, you don’t have anything to lose!

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Win a Toyota Yaris

Toyota YarisIts about time we bring you another competition to win a car, so we’re really excited to share Wowzit’s latest competition in which they’re going to make someone a very lucky winner and hand over the keys to a brand new Toyota Yaris. Just imagine how awesome that would be, and you better believe that it could be you! But only if you enter that is. We’ve told you all about Wowzit before. They offer coupons on some of the most amazing experiences, restaurants, accommodation, shopping and much, much more. If you’re registered to Wowzit, you’ll save big! Register on site to receive your entry and to increase your chances every time you use a Wowzit coupon.


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