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Win a car – Car competitions are without doubt the best type of online competitions there are and we’re pretty sure that when there’s a chance for you to win a car, you would like to know about it. We find you all the competitions in which you can win a car, bike and pretty much everything else on wheels. Just imagine how awesome it would be to being handed the set of keys to a brand new car you just won! Exciting stuff! For your chance to win a car, have a look at the competitions on the left and go and get your entries in.

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Win a Kia Picanto!


We asked the players to vote for their car of choice to win in 2018, and the clear favourite was the Kia Picanto, so here it is for you to win! Not only is the Kia Picanto the car of choice, but it’s also a finalist in the 2018 South African Car of the Year Competition. Play now to win this snazzy car!




Closing date: 31 January 2019 | Type: Sign Up

Win R2,000 Petrol for a holiday road trip!

WinStuff - Petrol

It’s already time to start thinking about those dreamy Summer holidays we’ve been waiting for…Win R2,000 worth of petrol to full your tank for the road trips ahead!





Closing date: 4 October 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a R3,000 Service for your Car!


Looking after your car can be one of the biggest expenses to get in your way, but it’s one of those things that just need to be done. We’ve decided to help you out by giving away R3,000 to service your car and ensure you’re safe on the roads. Play now to win!




Closing date: 6 July 2018 | Type: Sign Up

R1,500 Winter Holidays Flight!


There’s something really exciting about boarding a plane and jet-setting to a destination you’ve chosen, which is why we’re giving away a flight voucher for you to spend on a location of your choice. You know what to do…play…play…and play again!




Closing date: 8 June 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win R3,000 Petrol for your holidays!


Before you know it, it will be holiday time again…yay! The only thing you don’t want holding you back from awesome road trips and fun times is the price of petrol. Why not play to win R3,000 worth of petrol, and take on the holidays with a winning start?




Closing date: 19 March 2018 | Type: Sign Up

R1k Uber Voucher for the Holiday Season!

WinStuff - Uber

Summer is around the corner and your calendar is filing up fast! Imagine what your friends will say when you get chauffeured everywhere. The ease of getting around. Not having to find parking.
Play now to get R1000 worth of Uber rides for FREE




Closing date: 01 November 2018 | Type: Sign Up

Win a Go-Moto Mini Scooter!

WinStuff - scooter

Win a Go-Moto Mini Scooter Need to get from A to B? Are your petrol or travel expenses killing your cash flow? We so get you. And we so have the solution for you. Win the Go-Moto Mini Scooter and never worry about traffic, bus queues, or hectic petrol costs again. Get playing now to stand a chance of winning!




Closing date: 08 December 2017 | Type: Sign Up

Win a VW Polo Vivo!


The Volkswagen Polo Vivo isn’t the best-selling passenger vehicle in South Africa for nothing. In partnership with King Price, we’re giving away a sexy, spunky Polo Vivo. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with these wheels, so play now and keep playing until the last day of November!




Closing date: 1 December 2017 | Type: Sign Up

R3,000 for Summer Holiday Flights!

WinStuff - Flights

The holidays are coming up (Yay!), and it’s time to choose where you want to go. Win R3,000 to cover your flights over the festive season so you can go have the best holiday of your life!




Closing date: 11 October 2017 | Type: Sign Up

Win R5,000 for New Wheels!


We’ve got your winter travelling covered this season! Play now to win a set of new wheels for your car, or even your unicycle. We’re not here to judge how you get around, as long as you’re having a fun time with new tyres. Go on, play to win!




Closing date: 28 July 2017 | Type: Sign Up

Win Petrol Worth R3,000!


We’re gearing up for the winter holidays and an awesome road trip but we don’t want to leave you behind, so we’re giving one of you lucky players R3,000 to fill up your fuel tank this winter. Play now to get your hands on the fuel.




Closing date: 19 May 2017 | Type: Sign Up

Win a Nissan Qashqai Worth R320 000!


Keen to cruise in style? We’ve got the perfect set of wheels waiting for you! Enter and stand a chance to win a brand new Nissan Qashqai worth R320 000! Packed with advanced technology, state-of-the-art connected services, this SUV will give you a driving experience that puts you in total control.




Closing date: 27 January 2017 | Type: Sign Up

Win a R5000 Car Service!


Attention car owners! Stand a chance to be the lucky winner to win R5000 to service your car. Enter now for your chance to grab this incredible offer!




Closing date: 17 August 2016 | Type: Sign Up

Win R5000 in Cash!


Subscribe to the Cars newsletter and stand a chance to win R5000 in cash. The Cars newsletter will be packed with the latest news, happenings and any projects or prospects within Cars.co.za. Win with free online competition. Enter now and don’t miss out!




Closing date: Ongoing | Type: Sign Up

Win R3,000 fuel!


We can’t control the petrol price, but we can contribute to your next few tanks and make it easier to stay on the road. Isn’t that great news as we’re heading towards spring and the next school break? Just imagine where R3,000 of petrol will take you!




Closing date: 9 September 2016 | Type: Sign Up