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To list only online competitions, or to list them all

Online competitions is what we’re about and we believe if we find a competition which can’t be entered online, it doesn’t really belong on WinStuff. We have seen a few other competitions sites that do however list any competition they can find, whether it be online or off. Some require a purchase and some are free, but they cannot be entered online. We know about these competitions but only choose not to list them.

Since WinStuff is a competitions site for the whole of South Africa, we feel a competition that you can only enter in a specific city, or even a specific mall, and which also requires someone to make a purchase before being entered into the competition is not something our visitors would like to know about. But we may be wrong so we would like to know what you think. Should we list all the competitions we can find, even if it requires an in-store purchase? What about free competitions that you can only enter at a specific event or location? If you feel we should list all the competitions we find, we would really like to know so please share your views in the comments below.

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