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Win a holiday for two in Cape Town

6 nights accommodation, four hotels, flights to Cape Town and a sunset cruise? How awesome is that?! Cosmo is currently running a competition in which you can win this absolutely amazing getaway to Cape Town. The fact that flights are also included makes it so much better and then to top it all off, the winner will also go for a cruise on the luxury motor yacht Princess Emma.


Win a Toyota Yaris

Toyota YarisIts about time we bring you another competition to win a car, so we’re really excited to share Wowzit’s latest competition in which they’re going to make someone a very lucky winner and hand over the keys to a brand new Toyota Yaris. Just imagine how awesome that would be, and you better believe that it could be you! But only if you enter that is. We’ve told you all about Wowzit before. They offer coupons on some of the most amazing experiences, restaurants, accommodation, shopping and much, much more. If you’re registered to Wowzit, you’ll save big! Register on site to receive your entry and to increase your chances every time you use a Wowzit coupon.


Closing date: 1 July 2014 | Type: Registration

Types of competitions on WinStuff

Competitions come in all forms. Some require registration, some are free and some are SMS competitions. We would like to explain the differences and how you can tell which are which before you go and enter the competition. When we list a competition on WinStuff, we also indicate the type of competition it is just below the competition description. We generally use the following three types of descriptions.

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To list only online competitions, or to list them all

Online competitions is what we’re about and we believe if we find a competition which can’t be entered online, it doesn’t really belong on WinStuff. We have seen a few other competitions sites that do however list any competition they can find, whether it be online or off. Some require a purchase and some are free, but they cannot be entered online. We know about these competitions but only choose not to list them.

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Win Travelite luggage sets

Are you still using that old suitcase that was handed down to you a long, long time ago? If so, here’s your chance to finally upgrade in the luggage department. In this competition, Cosmopolitan and Travelite are giving away 16 sets of premier Travelite luggage.

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Changes to WinStuff Competitions

We’ve made some changes to the way our website works over the past couple of days, and we would like to explain what has changed and why. We usually provided links to the competitions right on our homepage so that a user could easily find a competition they would like to enter and click on through the competition’s landing page. This was ideal from a visitor’s point of view, but not in the world of search engine rankings.

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Competitions winners get in touch

We often get asked who the winners are of the competitions we list, and as we’ve explained before, we don’t always know. See this post for more info. So we thought we’d ask the competitions winners to please let us know when they have won so that we can get some of their stories, and find out more about what they’ve won.

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You want competitions? We’ve got competitions!

As you know by now, WinStuff is the go-to-place for online competitions. We don’t simply claim to be the most up to date competitions website in South Africa, we are. We’ve been around for a while now and we don’t simply copy ideas and competitions from the WinStuff clones, we create ideas, and they copy us. We wanted to reassure you that you don’t need to go looking any further if your looking for competitions. We list all the worth your while competitions that is open to South Africa. If we didn’t list it, we probably didn’t think it’s worth sharing.

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Win a Garmin Nuvi GPS

No stopping to ask for directions anymore, no more arguing about the best route, no more traffic fines and no more maps if you win in this Cars.co.za competition. They are giving away a Garmin Nuvi in their latest competition.

The Garmin Nuvi can also be used as a hands free kit for your phone which makes them a must have for any car owner.

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Win Glider eyewear

If your out looking for some new eyewear  bicycling.co.za is giving away twelve pairs of Glider polarized shades in this competition.

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Win a Premier Restonic Bed and Base Set

Our companies vision is ‘To consistently produce the most desirable sleep systems in the world’ & by using only the finest quality materials to construct products strong enough to meet all normal demands, this is fast becoming a reality.

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Win a Bosch washing machine

There comes a time in every washing machine’s life that it’s spun it’s last spin, the time when you need to say goodbye to the trusty little appliance that has been on your side for so many years and pull the plug.

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WinStuff Competitions questions and answers

We thought we’d take some time to look at some of the questions we received from our subscribers over the past couple of years and hopefully clear up any confusion or doubts that still remain about WinStuff, and the competitions we list. Before we get down to the questions, we would like to first explain where we come from, why we do what we do and some insight into our business model. Our aim with this is to be as transparent as possible so that our subscribers feel comfortable coming back to WinStuff. After all, entering competitions should be fun :)

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Win an iPad mini with Wowzit

iPad miniExperience the best of your city, for less, with Wowzit coupons. Registered Wowzit users will get access to amazing discount coupons that will give you access to exclusive discounts and giveaways offered by their featured merchants. Register and download your ‘Buy One Get One Free Meal’ coupon or receive 50% off a rejuvenating beauty treatment coupon today. If you register and also refer three of your friends, you stand a chance to win the new amazing iPad Mini 16 GB which by now needs no introduction. Score the saving you want with Wowzit and just maybe you can walk away with a new shiny iPad mini. Good luck!


Closing date: 1 August | Type: Registration

Competitions galore

Competitions showed up all over the place during the past week, and it’s been keeping us real busy here at WinStuff because when we say “All the competitions, all the time” we mean it! Another thing that showed up is a lot of WinStuff ‘clones’, which we welcome. It helps us improve on our offering and at the end of the day to bring you the most comprehensive competitions portal in South Africa. Continue Reading →