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How to win more competitions

WinStuff-ZA-Full-LogoFor those of you who want even more chances of winning online competitions, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide in finding new competitions to enter. While WinStuff is the go to guide for finding the best competitions in South Africa, we don’t cover them all, not even close. There are lots of prizes being given away that don’t make it on to our site for various reasons and in this post we’ll show you exactly where to go and how to search for fresh new chances to win. Why would we share this? Simply because we know that many of you would like to increase your chances of winning, and we’d like to show you how.  Here you go.

As you probably know, if you’re only interested in high value competitions, you don’t need to look any further than WinStuff. If there’s a big prize to be won online, you’ll find it right here. We’re so good at finding you new competitions and posting them as they become available, even our competitors use us to find new competitions for their own sites :)

Many of you still miss out on some of the competitions we post though, and there are a few ways of making sure you never miss out again. You can follow WinStuff all over the show, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will see all our updates, or receive all our emails. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you see them all.

For our Facebook followers. If you prefer to receive your daily dose of competitions right in your newsfeed, as you may have seen in the past, there’s one more thing you need to do to make sure that you don’t only see selected posts. Facebook will not show everything we share to everyone that likes our page. In general, only around 1000 people out of the 22000 subscribers will see a post we make to our wall and there’s no doubt that you are missing out on loads of competitions we find. To make sure you see each and every post by WinStuff, you need to do one more thing, subscribe to our Facebook page. After liking the page, hover over the ‘Liked’ box and click ‘Get notifications’. By doing this you’re telling Facebook that you would like to see everything we post.

If you like many others are a little fed up with all the updates your receive on Facebook there’s an even better way to stay up to date. We send out a weekly newsletter with every new competition we found for that week. Nice and simple. Unfortunately with our newsletter there’s also one more thing to do after you subscribed. Because some of our subscribers for no apparent reason mark our emails as spam, even though they have double opted in to receive it, our weekly newsletter will be caught by some spam filters. There’s an easy way around it though and all you need to do is to simply add our email address to your address book. (webmaster@winstuff.co.za) If you do notice one of our emails in your spam box, please mark it as ‘Not Spam’. And please, if you don’t want to receive it anymore, please use the handy one-click unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and we’ll never bother you again :)

The third way of staying up to date is to follow us on Twitter (@winstuffsa) and lastly, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed. We recommend the awesome Feedly reader. Moving on.

So the purpose of this post is really to tell you about more ways to find competitions online, those that don’t get featured here, but we first wanted to make sure you know of all the ways to stay in touch with us. Now with that covered, here are four ways of finding competitions online.

One: Facebook ads.

Many companies now run and advertise their competitions solely on Facebook. If you already like our page or similar pages, you should see competitions being advertised on the right hand side of your newsfeed when logged in to Facebook. It’s that simple.

Two: Google

When you search Google for competitions you’ll find the usual competitions websites on the front page. But with a few tweaks you’ll discover many more websites where there’s a competition currently running. Type your search into the search box, example “win”, or “competition” and then click on the Search Tools button below the search bar. Here you will find a few options but the one you’re most interested in is the ‘Any time’ option. Click it and choose “past week” to only see results that were added in the past 7 days. Once you’ve done that, check the results. If you see too many sport websites, or anything else for that matter, start eliminating them by adding -sport or -match to the search box after your primary keyword. Keep on doing this until you see only relevant results showing up. If you’re seeing results from other countries, try using ‘The Web’ button below the search box and selecting ‘Pages from South Africa’. Play around with other keywords like “prize” and “giveaway”, you’re sure to find many more competitions you didn’t know about.

Three: Twitter

Twitter is an amazing tool for finding up to date information on just about any topic you can think of, including competitions. This tip is not only great for finding competitions. Ever wondered what events are currently on in your city? What people are saying about a certain news story? Where to find the best burger in town? Anything you can think of, you’ll find people talking about it. Let’s get back to competitions though. We know that many of you don’t use Twitter though and that’s fine, you don’t need a Twitter account to use their search engine. Give it a try. Go to http://search.twitter.com. Don’t start searching yet though, first click the ‘Advanced search’ link. This is where the real power lies. Once again, in the search box you’ll type in your search. Play around with a few primary keywords, one at a time. For example: “competition” or “win” or “giveaway”. Once you’ve typed in your keyword scroll down to Places and type either South Africa, or Jozi / JHB / Cape Town in the ‘Near this place’ field. Hit search and be amazed. It can take a couple of tries to get the most relevant results, but you’ll soon find loads and loads of prizes to be won, online and off.

Four: Google Alerts

While the first two methods are probably the best, the last one is also a great way to stay in the know. Google Alerts will notify you of new results based on a specific keyword. This can be delivered straight to your mailbox. While it will take a bit of tweaking to get it right this is a great tool and once your alert is set up and working properly, it does the work for you. A quick tip. When typing your search into the keyword field on the Alerts page, add a space after it with the text ‘site:.co.za’ at the end so that you only receive results from pages in South Africa.

So there you have it folks, four more ways for you to increase your chances of winning online competitions. Please try them and let us know what you think in the comments below. If you have even more ways of staying up to date with the latest competitions online, let us know!


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