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Considering our options

Dear Readers. WinStuff has brought you free online competitions for over five years now. (Can you believe its been that long?) Some of you may have even been here from the beginning (You’re awesome!!!). As you all know, we offer our service to you completely free of charge. Every day we find you new competitions to enter and over the past years we have brought you thousands. The thing is, to keep WinStuff going it needs to do better financially, the same as with any other business.

We’ve considered making WinStuff a subscription only service, but we’re not willing to charge our followers for something that’s already freely available. We’ve considered increasing our advertising costs, but then we’ll lose advertisers. We’ve considered using our mailing list to send sponsored messages to, but we know you get enough of those already. We’ve pretty much considered everything to generate revenue from a website but found that with most options, we will upset at least some people. So when we tell you about the model we decided on, and eventually launch our first campaign, please understand that one: you have the option to skip a competition if you don’t agree with the terms and secondly: that we need to do this to keep WinStuff alive and kicking.

Advertising is not something we do for fun, it’s what we do to keep the competitions coming your way.

WinStuff will soon start offering high-value prizes, like iPads and Tvs (besides all the free competitions that we’ll still post every day), and for someone to stand a chance of winning these prizes a visitor would need to either sign up for a service like an ADSL line or buy a product through one of our online partners. We’ll make sure that the products and service we offer you are from trusted retailers and online service providers and that they are well priced. There will only be a few of these competitions and once again we want to remind you that its optional to enter. We do realize that everyone wants a chance to win these great prizes, but without these campaigns we will need to shut out doors.

So please be kind to us once you notice our new campaigns, and we’ll keep the free online competitions coming for years to come. Thanks for your support and we hope you win something soon.

The WinStuff team.

3 Responses to Considering our options

  1. Danilo July 18, 2012 at 10:28 am #

    What a well written message. Great service guys. Do what you have to do to stay up and running. Regards

  2. admin July 18, 2012 at 3:17 pm #

    Thanks for the feedback Danilo :)

  3. kingsley July 18, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    though i have not win a prize or see any of my friends win a stuff here, i wish more grease to your elbow, well done and God bless all your admin members.

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