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Competitions galore

Competitions showed up all over the place during the past week, and it’s been keeping us real busy here at WinStuff because when we say “All the competitions, all the time” we mean it! Another thing that showed up is a lot of WinStuff ‘clones’, which we welcome. It helps us improve on our offering and at the end of the day to bring you the most comprehensive competitions portal in South Africa. Our competitors make claims about being ‘the most up to date’ and even ‘the greatest’, but when you consider that some of them use WinStuff to find new competitions, it just goes to show that these are merely claims and not worth the pixels they were typed in :) We will let it be and take it as a compliment. We would like to however reassure you that that if it’s online competitions you’re after, WinStuff is the place to be. In the last week WinStuff has brought you just under 40 new competitions, that’s almost 6 a day. And in the last month, nearly 100 new competitions! We do try and find you every available South African competition out there. We don’t simply claim to. We would like to invite you to let us know how we can improve even further, so let us know in the comments below.

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