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Changes to WinStuff Competitions

We’ve made some changes to the way our website works over the past couple of days, and we would like to explain what has changed and why. We usually provided links to the competitions right on our homepage so that a user could easily find a competition they would like to enter and click on through the competition’s landing page. This was ideal from a visitor’s point of view, but not in the world of search engine rankings.

To put it in short. When a visitor goes onto a search engine and searches for the term competitions, they would find WinStuff and click on through to our website. The search engine will then in an attempt to measure the quality of a website, look at the time spent on the website and how long it takes for that visitor to leave the page. In the case of WinStuff, this was a very short amount of time since they could immediately click on through to a competition before going on to any of the pages on the site. Search engines will then decide that there may be quality issues on the website, or that the content is unrelated to the search that was done to get to the website in the fist place.

We pride ourselves in being the best and most up to date competitions website in South Africa and we know we have you convinced, but now we need to show the search engines that this is in fact the case. The change we made was to instead of providing a link on our homepage for each competition, a user now needs to click on ‘read more’ for a competition they would like to enter and then click on ‘Enter Competition’ on the next page. So in all, only one extra click is necessary to get to a competition.

We hope that this will not be too much of a change for our visitors and that you will keep on coming back to WinStuff when you’re looking for online competitions. Do you mind the change? Please let us know in the comments below.

The WinStuff.co.za team

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  1. Mandy July 14, 2011 at 7:07 am #

    Doesn’t bother me one bit :)

    Thanks Winstuff for searching the Net for all these competitions so we don’t have to!

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