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Facebook competitions

Are you looking for new and interesting ways to advertise your product, brand or service? WinStuff can help you build engaging online promotions which will attract more new customers to your brand and help your business grow.

Social media is now one of the most powerful tools for growing your audience online and should form part of every company’s marketing efforts. One of the most engaging forms of social media marketing is online competitions. Competitions are nothing new and many companies already offer competitions on their own websites. Simply running a competition on your own website isn’t enough though and one of the best places to run an online competition is Facebook.

Chances are you’ve seen competitions being advertised on Facebook in which entrants need to ‘Like’ a page to get access to the competition. This is called a ‘Like gate’. Once a user likes your page you not only have the ability to market to your customers directly on your Facebook page, they can also share their interaction with you on their own pages. The social factor these sites add to your campaigns are hugely beneficial and with the right sponsorship and an attractive offer, a company can grow their online audience dramatically by use of a ‘Like gate’ competition.

Facebook LikeWinStuff will help you set up a competition right on your own Facebook page where anyone that would like to enter your competition need to ‘Like’ your page to get started. And since simply publishing your competition on your page isn’t enough, we also include free promotion of your competition on WinStuff.co.za as well as on our Facebook page where we have 22,000 likes. Another benefit of running the competition on you page is that you’re free to further market the competition on your company website, through Google Adwords, Facebook ads and even offline. We can assist you in developing an all inclusive marketing plan to get your competition noticed.

While a big part of the campaign would be to increase audience online so that you can market to potential new customers later, your feature on WinStuff will describe your business clearly which will act as an advert for the services you offer and this will get seen by everyone who visits the site for the duration of the campaign, around 12,000 unique visitors per month in total. This in itself is really good exposure for your business.

If this sounds like an interesting proposition and you’re considering running your very own competition but still have questions, we’ll try and answer them below.

What does it cost?

Every campaign is unique. The overall cost will be determined by the scope of your sponsorship. A key factor on whether this will work for your company is the prize you will offer to the winner/s. Some companies will choose to offer one of their own products or services as a prize. Another option would simply be to put a high-value prize up for grabs, like an iPad to get people entering. Probably the best option however is to seek prize sponsorship from one of your suppliers. In return for their sponsorship they will not only receive exposure for their products, but get direct sales through your business. The higher the value of the prize, the more entries you’ll receive. We recommend a prize value of at least R5000. Our cost to set up, run and promote the campaign will vary depending on your campaign. Please use the form below to contact us if you would like us to send you a quote.

How many likes will I receive?

Unfortunately, this is impossible to answer. There are many factors that influence this. Keep in mind that while one of our main goals is to increase your following online that the promotion of the campaign on WinStuff also adds value in the form of exposure to your product or brand and that should you not be successful in generating large amounts of ‘likes’, you will still benefit from the campaign. As mentioned earlier the best way to ensure a big return on investment is to offer a high value prize which is accessible to all.

How long does it take to set up?

Once you have your prize sponsorship in place, we can go to work immediately and your campaign could be up and running within three days.

If you have would like to run your own competition and would like to get in touch, please fill in the form below and we’ll contact you ASAP.